Why book with a travel agent?

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge across the travel industry and can book just about anything you see advertised.
Here are 5 reasons why you should book with a travel professional.

1. Knowledge and experience

Travel is what we do! It is our area of expertise. Our staff have spent years training and travelling, experiencing the world first hand. We have staff on the job watching, studying, researching and booking travel for our clients, day in, day out. We are not only looking for the best price but also the best quality products on offer.

2. Save time

We have access to wholesale rates on a wide range of travel products, which means when booking with Travel & Cruise you unlock the best rates on your holiday. We can also put together exclusive round world airfares that cannot be found online giving you the best deal on a round world airfare.

3. Save money

High credit card fees and booking fees are just a couple of charges when booking online that you weren’t expecting as well as being directed to the specific deals and offers that are being showcased at the time. Travel and Cruise is an independently owned travel agency and is focused on you, your specific needs and wants and provide the best travel arrangements possible at the best price.

4. Personal service

We are real people, living real lives and the best part is we are sitting right in front of you. At Travel and Cruise we love to talk over ideas, discuss experiences, ask questions and come up with a great travel plan for all our clients.

5. We care

Your safety comes first. Our Consultants have travelled the world and are not only knowledgeable online but also in person. You may be travelling to an unfamiliar location, somewhere you never been before and its important to have the security of knowing your travel consultant can provide advice, support and 24 hour emergency assistance.