Kay Reid


How long have you worked in the industry?

We have owned and operated travel agencies since 1979

What interested you about being a travel consultant?

Travelling is quite different to other retail experiences. Once you spend your money you are unsure of the experience until you have “lived” it – I guess an element of the unknown and surprise

Where you have travelled?

  • Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands
  • Galapagos Islands/Ecuador/Argentina/Chile
  • 10 days cruising the Ganges in India
  • Northern India
  • China
  • Kenya and Tanzania especially Zanzibar
  • South Africa
  • Mauritius
  • European river cruise
  • UK and Ireland
  • Greece Egypt Jordan
  • Morocco
  • Cambodia and Vietnam by river
  • Japan
  • Australia – all states
  • Kimberley Coast cruise
  • Maldives
  • Columbia
  • Hong Kong Singapore Malaysia Thailand
  • Canada and the USA
  • New Zealand – especially sailing around the Bay of Islands
  • Niue Fiji Vanuatu Western Samoa
  • Playing masters basketball in Canada and Italy was fun!

I have probably missed a few and I have a few more to visit!

Do you have a specific area of expertise?

Having been around for so long, I love being a resource for everywhere!

What is your favourite holiday destination/s?

Too many to name – as every travelling experience is different. Loved the African animals along with the plains of South Georgia filled with penguins, seals and bird life as far as the eye could see. A 7 day trip around the WW1 fields was an eye opener. The Ganga was amazing!

What is your number 1 travel tip?

Try not to cram too much in and if travelling economy over 14 hours consider a stop – especially on the way home to Australia. Try to do daylight flights which helps the body clock. Insurance is a must and offered by many on a credit card now.

Why is it important to book with a travel agency?

As the saying goes “let the baker bake the bread” I believe you cannot become a two minute expert from the internet (with anything) travel is actually quite a complicated business – more than pointing and clicking. A good travel agent can explain pitfalls and if something does go wrong with your holiday there is a real person to speak to. We are 24/7 in case our clients need assistance. Websites tend to sell you what they want to sell but not necessarily the best option for you. Where as a good travel agent can see the options and tailor make for your purpose.