The consultants in each of our 3 offices have a wealth of knowledge in the industry
& can book just about anything you see advertised anywhere & so much more.


Your experienced travel agents L-R:

Sue, Sascha, Amy, Penny, Kay, Danni, Teresa, Tamara, Alex & Cathie

We have the world covered:

  • Person to Person contact, secure bookings & access to help before, during & after your travel.
  • International & Domestic flights
  • Group travel specialists
  • Worldwide touring
  • Worldwide cruising
  • Car rental/leasing
  • Coach & Rail travel
  • Worldwide accommodation
  • Travel insurance & Visa processing
  • Foreign exchange & Debit Cards
  • Farming & Technical visits
  • Corporate solutions
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We all have our areas of expertise, the jobs we spend years in study and on the job training for. Builders, Artists, Accountants, Painters, Mechanics… You name it and there is a job you could do yourself but is it really the quality product you would hope for?

Travel is what we do! All day every day we have staff on the job watching, studying, researching and booking not only the best price but the best quality products on offer.



Many of us are short of it and none of us like to waste it. Don’t spend hours searching and comparing. We do that all for you!


High credit card fees and booking fees are just a couple of charges when booking online that you weren’t expecting as well as being directed to the specific deals and offers that are being showcased at the time. Travel and Cruise is an independently owned travel agency and is focused on you, your specific needs and wants and provide the best travel arrangements possible at the best price.



Real people, living real lives and the best part is they are sitting right in front of you. You can talk over ideas, discuss experiences, ask questions and come up with a great plan. Much easier than talking to your computer.


Your safety comes first. Our Consultants have travelled the world and are not only knowledgeable online but also in person. You may be travelling to an unfamiliar location, somewhere you never been before and its important to have the security of knowing your travel consultant can provide advice, support and 24 hour emergency assistance.





Don’t let this happen to you…

Contact one of your local Travel & Cruise consultants today and let us make your travel experience a positive one.

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